About us

Established in 2002 by Ms. Saliha Kübra Kabaali, our Office has grown to 4 attorneys, 1 supervisor, 33 call center agents and 5 supporting staff. Located right across the Istanbul courthouse and equipped with cutting-edge technologies our office offers most efficient legal counsel to clients.  Focused mainly on collection, the office offers services in almost every area of law including; Maritime Law, Tax Law, Employment, Real Estate which is crucial for companies that does business in Turkey.  We operate through our correspondent lawyers in United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Azerbaijan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iraq and our principle is to satisfy clients with results derived from professional work, which we believe makes the real difference. We represent some of the largest companies from Turkey including Turkcell, Garanti Bank, Akbank and QNB Finansbank in addition to clients from several regions and many different countries. We also offer service to Turkish companies who desire to extend their businesses into other countries. We strive to maintain a close and individual relationship with our clients, understand their cultural and economic environment and meet their needs in an efficient and professional manner. Employees regularly attend seminars and other professional events in Turkey and in other countries to keep up with the latest international developments. The philosophy of the Office is to respond rapidly to a problem by applying an analytic and accurate approach by paying special attention to particularity of every client and every business transaction. As a result, almost all of our local and international clients were referred to us by satisfied clients.

Our Philosophy

Our future goals include keeping on the ” cutting edge ” of the legal community , taking advantage of the growing technologic opportunities to provide our clients with unique, dedicated, personal and skilled legal services. While our firm and client base continue to grow, we will concentrate on maintaining the close relationship with our clients that they have come to expect.

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